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The drama studio “Sphere» of BSU Humanitarian  Lyceum was arranged in 1997-1998 by F.R. Muradova .During of its activity it attracted main attention to the heritage of the worlds classic literature, especially A.S Pushkin, N.N.Gogol, M.Y.Lermontov ,V.Shakespeare ,Molyer,S .Vurgun,J.Jabbarli and other creatures. Different kinds of parties were organized by the students of BSU Humanitarian Lyceum, the faculty of philology and Masters. Several tales and poems”Boris Qodunov”,M.V.Qoqol “Inspector”,D.I.Fonvizin “Ignorant” was set up. Nowadays the comedies of N .V. Gogol “Inspector” ,also M .Y .Lermontov ” Maskarad” ,A.S Pushkin “The small tragical events” and A.S.Griboyedov ”Gore ot Uma” are carried out.

“Bajarigli Eller”
“Capable Hands”

There are some circles in our lyceum. One of them is “Capable Hands”.  The students of our lyceum are taking part in this circle very often. They take part in many other competitions too. 

In our lyceum  we have a lot of capable students who are the members of “Bajarigli Eller”; they are Muradova Мaral, Velijanli Govhar, Velicanli Je­lalad­din, Aliyev Kasim, Jabrayilov Emil, Karasavidi Elina, Ismayilova Lala, Akhund­zade Vaqif, Bakshaliyeva Leyla, Goyushova Nazrin.



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