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Baku Slavic University School Lyceum Complex is the first new type of secondary school which has begun its activity in the Independent Azerbaijan Republic. For the first time this lyceum was under the name of “Turan” in 1996.  In 2000 for the rector, honored Scientist, ANSA’ s honoured memeber Kamal Abdullayev’s initiative this lyceum was in­crea­sed and developed. Since then it has begun its activity under the name of BSU. 
Taking the lyceum tendency basely from the first years the lyceum has the subjects not only in native language but also in foreign languages such as English and History both   in Azerbaijan and Rus­­sian sections. But nowadays according to the centralized examinations of the leavers’ grades there have been some changes in the lyceum curriculum.

Thus today’s plan of the lyceum is the English language and other subjects which are being taught in English have a great role. For the students’ speaking in English well in VII, VIII and IX grades the subjects as English “Literature” and “World History” are  being taught deeply. The same is being convained to the Azerbaijan section where Russian literature is taught, this subject is called as “World Art”. The second foreign languages such as (Russian, German, French and Slavic languages) are being taught by outstanding professors and scientists like Beshir Ahmedov, Leyla Vekilova, Fazail Ibrahimli, Ozbey Aliyev, Aydin Alekberov. And nowadays professors and scientists like Mammad Gojayev, Ilyas Hamidov and  Ra­hila  Geybullayeva, Senuber Abdullayeva often meet our students in our lyceum. So­me of the students of BSU School Lyseum Complex study their upper senior clas­ses in the USA. But some of our students have been studied in Finland, the Ukraine, Belarus and other outstanding countries of the world.

There are Azerbaijani and Literature, Physics and Maths, History and Geography, English languages, Chemistry and Biology, Informational Science debate and Innovation Centres and method unities for all subjects as well. At School  Lyceum Complex in the current academic year 4 chairs have been created. They are Azerbaijani language and Literature, Russian and  Literature, Maths and Intornational Science. The outsanding teachers of the Complex are the chairmen of these chairs. They are  Candidate of Science A.G.Mammedov, dos.I.M.Jarchiyeva, I.Mammedov, T.M.Fattayev, T.V.Jafarova,  E.K.Gasimova and others. The Collegues of the Lyceum as T.H.Jafarov. A.G.Mammedov, I.M.Jarchiyeva, F.M.Fattayev, K.S.Malikov, O.Hasanov and others were the authors of save textbooks.
At the present moment with the order of the Ministry of Azerbaijan Education they are working on Azerbaijani and Russian textbooks. Some outstanding teachers of BSU SLC were in teachers’ exchange proqram in the USA and Germany. They are also the Participants of International Conference.
Six teachers of BSU SLC Ilaha Jarchiyeva, Vafa Abdullayeva, Tunzala Jafarova, Gulnar Rustamova, Leyla Aliyeva, Sabina Shahmaliyeva are the winners of the best teachers of the year with the initiative of Azerbaijan President.
Among the latest years’ students the student  Israfilzadeh Fateh  has scored 695 points. He is the granteer of President’s award.

There are some winners who won the golden medal in INEPO as well: Some students went to Kiev and Moscow for Olimpics, and they won the I, and II degrees’ diploma. Our students also participated and won the first place in “Young fire fighters’ contest”.

Some of the students of our Lyceum got their higher level in the USA.

Some of the graduaters got their education in the USA, England,Russia, Canada, Turkey. Belorus, the Ucraine.and other foreign countries.

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F.M. Fəttayev. Həndəsə-8
(VIII siniflər üçün dərs vəsaiti). – Bakı: Mütərcim, 2005. – 176 səh.


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